Squirrel to Quickbooks
Extract your Squirrel transactions to a file which can imported into Quickbooks
Squirrel to Peachtree
Extract transactions from Squirrel to a file that can be imported into Peachtree
Squirrel to Fairways
Export transactions from Squirrel to Fairways Hotel System.
Spasoft to Fairways
Export transactions from Spasoft to Fairways Hotel System.
Homebuilder Management
Integrates with Sales Simplicity and Builder MT.

Control your Data
Transfer and synchronize folders across your LAN or the internet.
  • Mirror directory stuctures on you hard-drive, LAN or Internet.
  • Alternative to expensive backup software
  • Fully Automatable, on demand or with scheduling.

Manage your Staff
Fully WAN and LAN enabled timeclock with biometric support.
  • Stand-alone PC, or accross your enterprise
  • Centralized management of employee work hours.
  • Can be used with keyboard/mouse or fingerprint reader.
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