Import your Squirrel transactions into Quickbooks on a daily basis. This program will create a file of Squirrel transactions ready to be imported into Quickbooks.

Move the mouse over the screenshot below to get descriptions of the various program controls.

This button brings up the configuration screen for connecting to the SQL Server database.
This is the name of the file you want to export the Squirrel transactions to.
Opens the file browser allowing you to navigate to the export file or folder.
The transaction date to export Squirrel transactions for.
Runs the export process and creates the export file.
Database navigation buttons to add, edit or delete recordes in the account map.
Retrieves the list of accounts from the Squirrel system and populates the account map.
Creates a printable list of all the events in the event window.
Imports the chart of accounts exported from Quickbooks to be used in the Quickbooks Account drop-down list.
Allows you specify "hidden" Squirrel accounts
The account map:
Here is where you assign Squirrel accounts to thier coresponding Quickbooks account.
The event window:
Lists program events as they occur.