The Synchrofile limited edition is provided free of charge to all visitors looking for a solution to their data-management needs.
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Now you can control the chaos of file and directory management with Synchrofile, the software solution developed by Connectivity Software Systems to streamline your data management.

Synchrofile lets you move or copy files from any chosen directory source to your target destination. It can monitor directories at any time you specify whether over your LAN, WAN or using our store and forward technology via the Internet. This keeps you firmly in control of your data flow.

With Synchrofile, you are in control of the information flow, updating files automatically so that all users are working with the most current version of critical data files as they evolve. Synchrofile synchronizes file and directory structures as scheduled or via user intervention. It can backup your data systems at regularly scheduled time intervals. No more delays, no more lost data.

Synchrofile will keep track of your data, update it, and send the information wherever its needed around the globe.

Synchrofile - Single (1) User License $99.95
Synchrofile - Five (5) User License $399.95
Synchrofile - Enterprise License $999.95

  • Automatic file transfers and synchronization of directory structures over any network supporting a win-32 client or the Internet.
  • Multiple options for what, where, when and how directories are processed.
  • Inventory function compares contrasts and lists contents of your data stores.
  • Event viewer lets you see what Synchrofile is doing as it happens.
  • Multiple job processing.
  • Detailed logging of events and errors.

  • Saves your time and money on network administration.
  • Coordinates bulky file transfers with maximum bandwidth availability.
  • Prevents users from inadvertently losing or modifying your files.
  • Automatically distributes software or installations throughout your organization.
  • Gives you a powerful alternative to other network management solutions.
  • Clears up the "which files where.?" and "what server.?" Confusion of web site development and data management.